The Eastern cottontail rabbit is the only rabbit species in Wisconsin. They can typically gray in color and grow to about a foot in length. Cottontails can be found throughout Wisconsin in both grasslands and urban areas. We will never have a shortage of rabbits due to the fact that they breed at least 3 to 4 times a year and produce 1-7 young in each litter. Rabbits absolutely love to eat anything green it sees. During the spring and summer months, they will eat leafy plants. During the winter months, they will eat the bark off of small trees and bushes. 

Are Rabbits a Concern?

Rabbits can become a problem when they start eating up all your vegetables and plants in your gardens or around your home. Here at Advanced Wildlife Control, we will use live traps and baits to humanely trap rabbits. Once trapped, we will relocate the rabbit(s) 30 miles away from your property. 

Rabbits are smart animals and can be quite tricky to trap without the right baits and tactics. However, our professionally trained technicians are well equipped with the perfect bait and traps to successfully catch those pesky rabbits. The easiest time to catch rabbits is during the winter months because their food source is limited. 

DID YOU KNOW? – The Cottontail rabbit is the only rabbit that does not live below ground in a burrow.  Rabbits inhabit every continent with the exception of Antarctica.

Breeding season for Eastern cottontail rabbits occurs from February until Septemeber. Rabbits will breed at least 3 to 4 times a year and produce 1-7 kits in each litter. Baby rabbits are called kits and are born blind and hairless.

Rabbits can be found throughout Wisconsin in marshes, grasslands, swamps, and urban areas. Rabbit burrows are often found right in the middle of your yard, especially in tall thick grasses with a few leaves and grass over the top of them. 

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