Skunks range in length from 8-19 inches (head and body and can weigh up to 14 pounds. They have excellent hearing and sense of smell. However, the skunk has a really poor vision.

Male skunks that are found in Southeastern Wisconsin usually mate with multiple females. They usually mate in mid to late February.  The gestation period is about 7-10 weeks and the young are born in May.  A litter of skunks usually ranges between 2 and 10 babies.  Our largest litter of skunks had 13 babies, which was captured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

Skunks are omnivores. They generally forage for their food at night. Their diet includes; plants, insects, worms, eggs, reptiles and even rodents. Also, they are predators of honeybees and will attack a beehive for food!

Skunks are typically found living underneath decks, sheds, stoops, woodpiles, doghouses, porches, garages, and even in holes found in your yard. Our technicians at Advanced Wildlife Control have been trained to humanely remove skunks without having it spray. We have had a lot of experience handling skunks and have caught over 500 of them in a single year. Also, we will remove skunks that customers may have caught in their own cages by accident.  Skunks are relatively slow moving animals and can run up to 10 miles per hour.

How Do I Get Rid of Skunks?

We live trap and relocate all of our animals including skunks.  Advanced Wildlife Control technicians rarely are sprayed by skunks and have the ability to safely catch and remove the skunks from your property without the fear of being sprayed.   Our cages have a protective covering to help keep the skunk calm in the cage when it’s caught overnight.

DID YOU KNOW? – A skunk has a sense of smell that is 3 times better than yours. Many times skunks will not return to an area that they have sprayed until the odor has dissipated.

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