Wisconsin is the Badger State and one would assume that we have badgers all over southeastern Wisconsin, but that’s not the case.  We have had a few badger sightings, but all and all it is pretty rare to find them in this part of the state. They are mostly nocturnal and are an extremely elusive animal.  They weigh about 12-30 lbs.

A male badger is called a boar, a female is a sow and the young are called cubs.  The breeding occurs from late July through August.  Litter sizes range from 1 to 5 and are generally born in late March or early April.

Badgers are mostly carnivores and prey on small animals.  They will eat several hundred earthworms every night, but also love insects and even elder berries.

There are eight different species of badger.  They are very clean-living and will not defecate inside their setts (homes).

Advanced Wildlife Control methods of Badger removal:

In most cases we set live traps.  Customers should not try and catch them on their own, because it is very difficult and will make it almost impossible for us to do.  Even if you catch the badger it is very unlikely that you will be able to keep the badger in the cage as they are extremely strong animal.


Badgers live in complex underground burrow system called “setts” that they dig themselves!