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When we first started in the pest control business in southeastern Wisconsin we never thought that the number one problem pest would be ants.  One scary fact is that for every one human on earth it is thought that there are 1.5 million ants.   That means that the total mass of ants is greater than that of all humans on earth! Yikes!  It’s no wonder why Advanced Wildlife Control technicians treat ants more than any other pest!  They are a major problem to business and homeowners throughout Wisconsin. We treat ants on a residential, commercial, and industrial level.  They can be tricky to control for homeowners due to their persistence on finding access into homes.  They can even be a problem indoors during winter!

Here are some facts about ants that you might not know:

Entry Points:

Ants can invade the home/office through the tiniest of cracks seeking sweet or greasy substances in your kitchen, pantry, garbage cans, or even your kitchen cupboards.  Homeowners who live in areas like Mequon and Cedarburg and have brick homes may have issues with them getting in through weep holes.

Nest locations:

They can nest just about anywhere in and around your home including: wall voids, attics, stumps, under countertops, sometimes even under your foundation. We have removed ants from attics, garages, tree houses, underneath shingles, and just about anywhere else that you can think of!

Ant colony size:

Colonies can number anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000. The whole colony can uproot and relocate quickly when they feel threatened.

Nature’s way of protecting the colony:

Ants do not have too many natural enemies, in fact a colony can live a relatively long lifetime. It’s been proven that worker ants may live seven years or more and the queen may live as long as 15 years!

How do they gather in the same spot so quickly?

Ants leave invisible scent trails that are made of chemicals known as pheromones for others to follow. Once a food source is found they will alert other foragers to the source so they can feed the colony.

Why do these ants keep coming back?

Most do-it-yourself approaches only kill the ants you see, killing off the workers, but leaving the queen who can reproduce new workers. A true, effective program will penetrate and destroy their queen plus kill the entire nest to prevent them from returning.  Another problem with home/store bought remedies, they do not account for is the fact that different kinds of ant infestations require different kinds of treatments.

Why choose Advanced Wildlife and Pest Control to treat your ant issues?

Our ant control services are 100% guaranteed.  We also don’t expect you to sign a year contract for us to take care of your ant issues.  We can treat your ant problems in a variety of ways including baiting, spraying, and even totally green option if you so desire.  All of our technicians are trained to treat your ant related problems.