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Over the past few years, pest control as an industry has adapted to meet a new demand for insect control. This new demand has swept through our culture faster than any change in recent history. We continually change our pest control programs to meet the new demand. Green was once just a word describing color, but today “green” has changed the scope of pest control. Just like many other products that we use in our everyday lives. As we stand here today, green product development is one of the largest expanding fields in our country. Advanced Wildlife Control is proud to bring you our GREEN PEST CONTROL PROGRAM.

This program addresses our customers concerns over using pesticides in their homes, near pets and most importantly near children. Our green program is a non-chemical approach to pest control. We use non-chemical sprays and baits as needed to control insects that are already in the home. We will identify entry points that allow pests into your home. Also we can seal those areas or provide recommendations for the do-it-yourself projects.

What is Green Pest Control?

Scientists have developed ways to treat insects using non-chemical sprays that are not harmful to humans, the environment or pets. These sprays although less effective than regular pest control methods, have been proven to work when applied to homes. Using these non-chemical sprays along with our program plan to eliminate harboring sites for insects, entry locations and sealing access points where insects are getting in makes up our Green Pest Control Program.

On the initial service call, we will write up a plan that best fits your needs based on what insects problems you have as well as the condition of your home. We will inspect the entire home inside and out, including the roof, attic, basement, and any crawl spaces to give you an accurate report. Once we diagnose the problem we can proceed with a non-chemical treatment of the home. We refer to non-chemical, that means the product contains no chemicals only natural products that have been proven to eliminate insects from your home.