Discover How To Get Rid of a Weasel in Your House

Weasels are small mammals that are part of the Mustelidae family. They can be headaches for homeowners throughout Ozaukee County, Milwaukee County, Washing County, or Waukesha County, WI. Advanced Wildlife & Pest Control can help educate you on how to get rid of weasels through education on our pest control services. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to remove these pests without harming them and implement a treatment plan to ensure they don’t return. If weasels are creating problems in or around your home, don’t hesitate to call our team of pest removal professionals.

How to Get Rid of Weasels

These tiny pests can often be found in your yard or garden and are usually searching for a source of food or shelter. Weasels often prey on rats, birds, chickens, rabbits, and insects. Taking control of an infestation is difficult because they’re persistent and clever creatures. Destroying their burrows is effective but often harms or kills the weasels. Our team strives to ensure that the weasels we remove from your home are safe and are relocated. You can try some things at home to help curb and hopefully remove your weasel infestation, but if that doesn’t help, don’t hesitate to call our professional team. Here are some tips on how to get rid of weasels:

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  • Weasel Exclusion – One of the first steps either you or our professionals will take is to seal any potential openings in your yard or home. This includes cracks, crevices, or gaps under your door. We’ll inspect your home to identify any areas of concern to help prevent the destruction caused by weasels.
  • Properly Store Your Food – This tip is mainly for those who have birds or chickens, but a great way to ensure you avoid a weasel infestation is to remove any possible food sources that would draw them in. While chicken feed isn’t a main staple in a weasel’s diet, the rodents that feed on chicken feed are. Our pest control professionals will help you identify any possible concerns and suggest how to avoid infestation best.
  • Repellents – You can get several different repellents that can seek out approaching weasels and spray them with water to keep them away. If you choose this method, we’ll work with you to determine the best repellent placement to keep your yard safe. Another thing you can do is to make your yard less welcoming to weasels by eliminating attractive sources of food and cover by regularly mowing your lawn, trimming bushes or shrubs, and more.
  • Trap – A great humane choice is to trap the weasel so it can be safely relocated. Our pest control team will help you determine the best trap for your property while allowing you to choose the best trap placement. Once these are placed, our team will check back to see if there is a pest we need to relocate.

Weasel Pest Control FAQ

The Advanced Wildlife & Pest Control team has seen its fair share of weasel infestations. We understand that only some homeowners will have the correct answers regarding their first weasel infestation. We’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions we’ve received regarding this pest. If you have any questions after reading or want additional clarification, don’t hesitate to reach out. Here are our most frequently asked questions regarding weasels:

  • Are Weasels Dangerous? – Despite their size, they can be fairly aggressive, but typically, weasels try to avoid human contact. However, they will defend themselves and their territory if they feel threatened.
  • Will Weasels Kill Chickens? – This is one of the more common questions we receive. Weasels have been known to kill chickens. They will behead the bird by biting its neck. We recommend leaving the chickens in the coop unless you are to keep an eye on them.
  • Do Weasels Come Out During the Day? – Weasels are considered nocturnal; it’s not entirely uncommon to see them moving around during the day. Most of their time is spent hunting, and they’ll take every opportunity to forage for food.
  • Do Weasels Go After House Pets? – Like most wildlife, weasels will bite and attack if they feel threatened or trapped. They have sharp teeth, can pack a punch, and use them against cats and dogs if threatened.
  • What Are the Benefits of Professional Weasel Pest Control? – Our expert pest control specialists have the knowledge, equipment, and skills to control and remove this nuisance. Advance Wildlife & Pest Control’s approach is to seal any entry points while implementing safe and humane methods to remove the weasels.
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Take Advantage of Our Weasels Control Services

If you think you have a weasel infestation, don’t hesitate to call the professional team at Advanced Wildlife & Pest Control. We’ll work hard to identify the precise issue. Then we’ll strive to eliminate the pesty while implementing measures to ensure they won’t back. Our goal is to provide you feel comfortable in your home and yard as soon as possible. Give our knowledgeable representatives a call to schedule any of our weasel pest control services or ask any questions regarding our services.