Insect & Pest Control

Insects are an ongoing issue when it comes to pest management. The first step in controlling any insect problem is proper identification. Different types of insects are active during different times of the year, target different areas within or around the home, and require different forms of control. All of the technicians at Advanced Wildlife Control are trained to efficiently identify any insect and pest and are fully-equipped to handle all of your pest control problems. 

Advanced Wildlife Control uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to control pests and insects. Insects and pests typically require certain conditions to ensure their survival. We work with our customers to eliminate these conditions and prevent insects and pests from even entering the home or yard. Therefore, our technicians will focus on external preventative spray treatments, but we can also spray inside if needed.

Integrated Pest Management: Treatment Options

Advanced Wildlife Control offers a variety of recurring treatment plans, including monthly, bi-monthly (every 2 months), quarterly, bi-annual (twice a year) and annual services. Each plan is dependent on the severity of the pest problem, your budget, and your preferences. These plans include outside and inside applications as well as complete home inspections. Many of these services can be combined with rodent control. Our technicians will seal off entry points to prevent insects and rodents from entering your home.

We will always contact our customers ahead of time to schedule our visits for a time that is convenient for you. You won’t have to worry about technician switching. Advanced Wildlife Control also does not require any contracts. You are free to end your service with us at any time.

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Additional Treatment Options

Seasonal Treatments – Some insects are active for only a certain time frame. Spring and fall are typically the most problematic times for these insects. We offer seasonal treatments for these specific insects that may require regular treatment, but only during peak activity times. No contracts, you are free to end your seasonal treatments with us at any time.

One-Time Treatments – These treatments are designed for customers who do not want a service plan. Our technicians will treat your entire home in order to ensure that your pest problem is solved. Sometimes just one treatment may do it for customers, but that does depend on the type of insect being treated. This single treatment is a good choice for anyone who simply wants to try our services before taking on a recurring service plan.

Spot Treatments – Similar to one-time treatments, we also offer spot treatments. These treatments are tailored to specific pest problems like ants under your kitchen sink for example. These sprays are designed for instances when your whole home may not need to be treated, but our technicians can apply a treatment to a specific affected area.

Green Pest Control – Advanced Wildlife Control does offer a Green Pest Control program. This program takes on a non-chemical approach to controlling pest problems for those customers who prefer not to use pesticides in and around their homes. To learn more about this program: Read More.