Did you know that it is thought for every human on Earth there are 1.5 million ants? That means that the total mass of ants is greater than that of all humans on Earth! In fact, ants are the number one pest treated by Advanced Wildlife Control technicians. These tiny but formidable creatures are a major problem for business- and homeowners throughout Wisconsin. Our technicians treat for ants on every level, from residential to commercial and even industrial. Control of ants can be tricky, as ants are nothing if not persistent. Even cold weather does not stop these small home-invaders! They are frequently a problem within homes in the winter, especially during years of high precipitation.

Here are some facts about ants that you might not know:

Entry Points

Ants can invade your home or office through the tiniest of cracks. In these invasions, they are often seeking sweet or greasy substances found in your kitchen, pantry, and garbage cans. There is no area of southeastern Wisconsin that is free from potential ant issues, however, homeowners who live in brick houses like those in Mequon and Cedarburg may have additional issues with ants gaining entry through weep holes.

Nest locations

Ants can nest just about anywhere in and around your home. Wall voids, attics, under countertops, stumps, and even under foundation building foundations are all top choices for nest creation. Our technicians have removed ants from just about anywhere you can think of, including treehouses, kitchens, garages, and even underneath shingles. These nests can house colonies of just a few ants to hundreds of thousands. These colonies will relocate, often fragmenting into smaller, more dispersed colonies if they feel the nest is threatened.

Natural Control

Here in the Midwest, ants have few natural enemies. As a result, colonies can live for extended lengths of time. Some ants can even live for years, with queens recorded to live up to 15 on occasion.

Repeat Offenders

Ants leave trails with pheromones, undetectable scents, for others within their colony to follow, particularly when a new food source is discovered. These pheromones help other ants within the colony to find this new food source and return it to the nest. This is why just one or two ants can suddenly turn into hundreds. Additionally, when it comes to control of these ants, most do-it-yourself control targets only the ants you see. These control options do nothing to reach the heart of the problem, the reproductive queen back in the nest. Instead, only workers are targeted, and the queen or queens can simply produce more based on the needs of the colony. A true, effective ant control program will penetrate into the nest and destroy the queens, along with the worker ants.

Why choose Advanced Wildlife and Pest Control to treat your ant issues?

Not every species of ant can be controlled the same way. The best way to properly root out an ant infestation is to contact a professional. Our technicians can provide a variety of control options based on the ant in question, and we even have non-chemical approaches as part of our Green Pest Control initiative. All of our technicians are trained to properly identify and treat your ant-related problems. Plus, our ant control services are 100% guaranteed, and we do not require you to sign any contracts.