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Insulation Removal

Many homes in Southeastern Wisconsin have had their insulation contaminated by feces from raccoons, mice, squirrels and even bats.  Our company provides removal and clean up of the contaminated insulation in those attics.  We remove the insulation from the attic using a versa-vac system of hoses that vacuums the debris from the attic and empties it into a garbage dumpster outside. This process is easiest way to keep the home clean when handling contaminated insulation.

Attic Moisture and Heat Can Cause Huge Problems:

Moisture in the attic is often a big problem for homeowners in Wisconsin.  Wet wood in the attic can be a cause for a sagging roof deck and can even form mold, spores, fungi, and mildew.  Attics that have dark black spots and patches on their wood may be suffering from mold in their attics.  Excess heat in an attic can also be a problem do to premature failing of roofing materials, ice damming, and the forming of harmful mold/mildew.  These conditions can jeopardize the performance of a roof and make for a costly repair.

Disposal of Insulation Materials:

In order to remove the hazardous material from your home, we may need to order a dumpster for the waste.  All of the debris is bagged and then tossed out in the dumpster, which is removed shortly after the cleaning.  In some cases where a dumpster isn’t allowed we will take the materials and remove them ourselves.


Once the contaminated materials have been removed from the attic, our technicians will spray a sanitizing agent into the attic to control any potential hazardous waste that could be left behind.  We will also spray a pest control product in the attic to eliminate bat bugs, lice, mites, ticks and other insects that may have been left behind by the animals that were in your attic.

Air Tight Sealing:

Advanced Wildlife Control wants to assure our customers that we have sealed areas in the attic that are allowing air to escape.  One example of an area that we seal with our foam products is the chimney stack.  Often times gaps are left around the outside of the chimney and a draft can occur from the basement straight to the attic.  We identify those points and seal those areas to help your homes heating/cooling efficiency.

Insulating with Fiberglas Blown-in Insulation:

After your insulation is removed we will insulate the attic to the proper R-Value for the State of Wisconsin. We use Owens Corners Pink Fiberglas blown-in insulation.  We feel that this product is the best material currently on the market for installation into the attic space.  There are many advantages and reasons to use Fiberglas insulation. The insulation has no settling to it so it will maintain its R-Value over a long period of time. The insulating materials in Pink fiberglass insulation are noncombustible. Its natural fire resistance is unaffected by moisture, evaporation, or time, which makes Owens Corning insulation a very reliable product.  Owens Corning Pink Fiberglas Insulation has the highest certified recycled content of any fiberglass insulation which is 35%. A pound of Owens Corning insulation saves 12 times the energy needed to produce it during the first year alone!

Common Insulation services that we provide:

During our initial quote we will develop a plan for the job to be done safely, efficiently, and effectively.  We will coordinate with the homeowners on what route will be the best for our insulation services. We will seal off all floor vents near our equipment and the scuttle to keep debris from falling into those areas. Our technicians will cover the floor underneath the attic scuttle with drop cloths and tarps to help insure that insulation isn’t dragged throughout the home.  We will look to identify that lighting is installed correctly and that any loose wiring is spotted and notified to the owner for a professional electrician to correct.  We do not cover any gable vents, soffit vents, recessed lights or bathroom heat lamps with any insulation.  If the access panel is in need of a weather strip seal we will provide that as well.  Our goal is to leave your home as clean as it was prior to our arrival.  Our techs will make every effort to provide you with excellent service at all times.