Milwaukee Badger Removal

Facts & Information

What are Badgers?

American badgers are flat, stocky mammals covered in grey to brown fur with a distinctive black and white stripe pattern on their face. Badgers belong to the weasel family and are known for their burrowing ability. They have large, heavy claws which they use to dig for food and build underground dens. Badgers are nocturnal animals that spend the daytime underground in their den. Badgers are about 2-3 feet in length and weigh around 20-30 pounds.

Wisconsin is known as the Badger State, and one would assume that we have badgers all over the place, but that is not the case. We have had a few badger sightings in southeastern Wisconsin, but it is a rare animal in this part of the state. Wisconsin’s nickname originated in the 1800s when miners dug tunnels into hillsides searching for lead ore, which reminded people of badgers.

Why Do I Have Them?

Badgers are primarily outdoor pests. They are not usually known to enter homes. Badgers will dig in yards and gardens, searching for food and shelter. They create massive mounds of dirt when constructing their burrows. Their burrowing habits can cause significant damage to lawns, pastures, and fields. Tunnels may even affect the structural integrity of decks and sheds.

Treatment & Control

How Do I Get Rid of Badgers?

Badgers are very powerful animals. They won’t attack unless provoked. Advanced Wildlife and Pest Control specializes in badger removal. Live trapping is the most effective and humane way to remove a badger. Badgers are relatively rare in our southeastern region of Wisconsin. Nevertheless, if you notice a badger on your property, our wildlife specialists will safely capture and relocate the badger.
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Badger Burrow

Breeding Season

Badgers breed in late July through September. The average litter size ranges from 1 to 5 cubs born sometime from March to June in the den. Baby badgers will typically stay with the female until autumn before going off on their own.

Where Do Badgers Live?

Badgers live in prairies and pastures. They are more common in the central grasslands of Wisconsin. Badgers dig elaborate dens with tunnels reaching 6 to even 30 feet deep. Badgers are also very clean-living creatures that will even create a separate toilet chamber in their den.

What Do Badgers Eat?

Badgers are carnivores. They primarily eat rodents such as mice, squirrels, gophers, and voles. They will also eat insects, berries, earthworms, and fish.