Milwaukee Brown Banded Cockroach Control

Facts & Information

What are Brown-Banded Cockroaches?

Brown-banded cockroaches get their name from the two light brown bands they have across their dark brown bodies. They are a smaller species of cockroach. Adults are only ½ inches in length. Active primarily at night, the brown-banded cockroach can easily go undetected due to its small stature and dark coloration. Brown-banded cockroaches are an invasive species that entered the United States in the early 1900s from Cuba.

Why Do I Have Them?

Brown-banded cockroaches prefer dry and warm environments and are often found inside furniture, closets, cabinets, bedrooms, and behind picture frames. They rely solely on the conditions inside your home for survival. They will feed on fabrics, glues, book bindings, and dead bugs. Cockroaches enter houses through cracks in foundations, doorways, and piping.

Why Should I Be Concerned?

Brown-banded cockroaches are very problematic when they invade your home. They are filthy pests that contaminate food and spread diseases that can cause fever, asthma, diarrhea, and other serious health concerns. Brown-banded cockroaches also have a very high reproduction rate. A female can produce up to 600 offspring in a year! If not controlled immediately, a small problem can soon turn into a full-blown roach infestation.

Treatment & Control

How Do I Get Rid of Brown-Banded Cockroaches?

Getting rid of brown-banded cockroaches can be very difficult because they breed very quickly and adapt easily to new environments. Over-the-counter pesticides and DIY methods will not work against these roaches. The most effective way to get rid of a roach infestation is to contact a pest control professional. At Advanced Wildlife and Pest Control, we offer effective pest services that will get rid of your cockroach problem.
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