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Facts & Information

What are Flies?

There are more than 18,000 species of flies found throughout North America. Flies are small insects with large circular eyes and a single pair of wings. Although they have short lifespans, flies have a very high reproduction rate. A female can produce anywhere between 80-200 eggs at a time. Flies are also known to spread a variety of bacterial diseases, including salmonella and tuberculosis. They will regurgitate liquid from their stomach to dissolve food and then use their sponging mouthparts to suck it up.

Types of Flies

Why Do I Have Them?

Flies can enter your house in many different ways. For example, fruit flies are commonly brought indoors on fresh fruit products, and drain flies will enter through sewer pipes. They could also just simply wander in through an open door or window. Flies are in your home looking for food and a place to reproduce. Meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, fermented liquids, and garbage will attract flies into your house. A fly infestation could also be an indicator of a different pest problem, such as a dead mouse in your wall.

Why Should I Be Concerned?


Flies are well-known for their very high reproduction rate. A female can produce hundreds or even thousands of offspring in a month! If not controlled immediately, a small problem can soon turn into a full-blow fly infestation.

Food Contamination

Flies are filthy pests that breed and feed in unsanitary areas like sewers and garbage. They can contaminate food, food preparation surfaces, and utensils, which may cause serious allergic reactions or illnesses in some people.

Treatment & Control

How Do I Get Rid of Flies?

Flies are a difficult pest to eliminate from your home. Our pest management professionals conduct thorough inspections and use highly effective fly removal treatments to properly manage fly problems. Since every home and fly species is different, our technician will create a customized action plan for your situation.

Flies are a common problem in Wisconsin. Our regular fly treatments and monitoring systems will protect your home and business year-round against flies. No contracts are required. If you notice any signs of a fly infestation in your home, contact our expert pest exterminators. We are ready to help you!

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How Do I Keep Flies Out of My House?

Preventing flies from invading your home and business can be a difficult task; however, you can take a few steps to help stop them. Eliminate food sources by cleaning up crumbs and storing food in sealed containers. Eliminate moisture around your house. Inspect potted houseplants, food products, and boxes before bringing these items indoors.