Milwaukee German Cockroach Control

Facts & Information

What are German Cockroaches?

German cockroaches are the most common house-infesting cockroach found in Wisconsin. They can be found worldwide and are a prevalent pest issue for restaurants and food processing facilities. These roaches lack fully-developed wings; instead, they scurry very quickly across the ground. Adults are ½ to ⅝ of an inch in length. German cockroaches are light brown and have two black stripes on the back of their head.

Why Do I Have Them?

German cockroaches prefer warm, damp environments. They enter houses in search of food, moisture, and shelter. German cockroaches are excellent hitchhikers and are often carried indoors on infested boxes or furniture. They can also squeeze through cracks in the foundation. Once indoors, these roaches are usually found in damp areas, such as basements, garages, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Why Should I Be Concerned?

German cockroaches are extremely problematic when they invade your home or business. They are filthy pests that breed and feed in unsanitary areas like sewers and garbage. They can contaminate food and spread bacterial diseases that cause fever, diarrhea, asthma, and other serious health concerns. German cockroaches also have an extremely high reproduction rate. A female can produce up to 30,000 offspring in a year! If not controlled immediately, a small problem can soon turn into a full-blown roach infestation.

Treatment & Control

How Do I Get Rid of German Cockroaches?

Getting rid of German cockroaches can be very difficult because they breed very quickly and adapt easily to new environments. Over-the-counter pesticides and DIY methods will not work against these roaches. The most effective way to get rid of a roach infestation is to contact a pest control professional. At Advanced Wildlife and Pest Control, we offer effective pest services that will get rid of your cockroach problem.
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