If you’ve seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you likely will get the reference, and remember the iconic scene of the squirrel in the over-large and straight-out-of-the-forest Christmas tree in the Griswold’s living room, and the panic that it caused. But did you know that during the winter, squirrels are one of the most problematic animals in terms animal control? They are notorious for breaking and entering during the coldest months of the year.

Winter is the time of year when every animal wants nothing more to find somewhere to curl up out of the cold, people included! Between the wind, the dreary days, and rain turned to ice and snow, there’s not much reason to be outside, nor desire to be. This can lead to some serious animal break-in problems, and squirrels are one of the biggest offenders. With their small, hand-like paws, they can rip through soffits and vents, and with their nut-cracking teeth they can chew through wood and shingles. A seriously determined squirrel will have no problem tearing and gnawing its way into your home.

Grey squirrels are the most common offender here in southeastern Wisconsin, especially in the late winter months. During January and February, grey squirrels are actually beginning to look for mates and find areas to nest. Coupled with the cold temperatures, they want to find somewhere nice to raise their pups, and to a squirrel your attic might look like the fanciest and most luxurious penthouse suite around! Unfortunately for you, they aren’t very good decorators, and can be quite noisy neighbors! They can often be heard in the mornings as they do the squirrel equivalent of making their morning coffee and getting the kids ready for school. You might even notice them in the evenings too, as they take a load off after their commute home.

Never fear! Our technicians catch and relocate these bushy-tailed squatters on the daily, and can seal up holes so that no new squirrel families move in to your penthouse suite…or attic. Help is only a call away!

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