Despite their name, bald-faced hornets are actually a type of yellow jacket. They are beneficial insects to have around the yard because they will eat other annoying pests like spiders, crickets, and flies. However, hornets can be very aggressive if you come too close to their nest. They will defend their nests and sting you if they feel threatened. Bald-faced hornet stings are quite painful and can be life-threatening to those with stinging insect allergies. 


Color: Black & White
Size: 1/2 – 5/8 inches
Legs: 6
Antennae: Yes
Bald Faced Hornets

Don't Let Hornets Invade Your Home or Business!

Don't Let Hornets Invade Your Home & Business!


Hornets build paper nests in trees, shrubs, houses, sheds, and other structures. They will chew up plant materials and soil to make the papery substance. Hornet nests can grow larger than a football in size, even up to two feet in length and a foot in diameter. Colonies contain about 100 to 400 hornets with one fertile female queen that lays all the eggs. The queen is the only member of the colony that survives the winter.


Hornets are beneficial insects to have around the yard, but they pose health concerns with their sting, especially to those with stinging insect allergies. Many homeowners also find the paper nests unappealing on their houses. Our hornet exterminators at AWC will efficiently remove nests from your property and treat problem areas to prevent future hornets from building new nests.   
Bald Faced Hornets