When most people think of snakes, they picture poisonous vipers. Luckily, this is not the case for 19 out of the 21 species common in Wisconsin. Just like most animals, these misunderstood reptiles have gotten a bad reputation. Snakes have a purpose in nature. Many homeowners do not mind them because they are an excellent natural answer to rodent control. However, you do not want to see too many of them in your backyard, or have them hiding in your walls, or getting into your basement. This is not an uncommon occurrence, as snakes may be attracted to your property if there is a high population of rodents or insects nearby. These increased populations provides an excellent food source for these reptiles. Our pest control team can easily help remove snakes from your property if they have become a nuisance.

History of the Forked-Tongue Serpent

Did you know snakes smell by using those wild, forked tongues? Not only are they smelling for mates, they can actually scent danger in the air. Furthermore, they are as ancient as dinosaurs. Over the eons, they’ve become highly evolved predators. Snakes are carnivores, and their diets consist mainly of mice, snails, earthworms, salamanders, spiders, voles, frogs and sometimes baby animals. Wisconsin snakes are constrictors, meaning they squeeze their prey until it suffocates. Even though they are highly evolved hunters, they rely completely on their external environment for their survival. One example of this is the fact that snakes are ectothermic, meaning their surrounding control their internal temperature. Hence, you may see snakes “sunning” themselves on a cool, spring day. On the other hand, they may go underground or under foliage on a hot, summer day.

How Do I Get Rid of Snakes?

Garter snakes are the most common species of snake in Wisconsin, and they are nearly harmless. In fact, many of you may have played with garter snakes as children. Are they actually that harmless, though? Up until recently, it was believed they were non-venomous. However, researchers have discovered garter snakes actually have a mild venom in their saliva! If bitten, the area may itch or burn slightly. Garter snakes may also rear up and hiss if approached, which can be frightening, but this is just for show. There is really nothing to fear from these snakes. If you come across these snakes, we advise leaving them alone, but you can also give Advanced Wildlife Control a call and we will remove them from your property.

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